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Welcome to my Star Trek parody and music website. I am Rick Moyer. I am a self proclaimed geek, musician and the co- host of the podcast TAKE HIM WITH YOU. I love science fiction and especially Star Trek. Since 2005 I have been involved in an online community called with Rico Dostie. It’s a podcast and forums full of people who share the love of science fiction. Every week Rico reviews an episode of Star Trek from one of the series. I  send in weekly audio submissions and along the way I started doing some science fiction parody songs. Here they are for your listening pleasure. None of the parody songs are for sale, as they are for entertainment purposes only and I don’t make a dime from them. Enjoy the music and drop me a line if you like some of the songs.

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I have put out two professional music projects.  One called Stargazer, and the other MW-ORBIT

Rick Moyer: Stargazer
Rick Moyer: MW-ORBIT




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