Another one becomes us

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Another clip tune, Queen’s huge hit “Another one Bites the dust” gets a makover. In tribute to First Contact, the TNG movie, this is all about the Borg. “Another one becomes us!” Resitance is futile. 🙂

The Enterprise destroys the cube
the borg they’re blown up all
Aint no sound but the sound of space
and from the cube there comes a ball
Can you hit, can you hit the ship
can your scanners do the trick?
Out of the time the distortion takes
as back in history they slip yeah
Another one becomes us
Another one becomes us
and another one droned, another one droned
another one becomes us hey!
Hey, We’ll assimilate you
Another one becomes us

How do you think the temparture raised
on decks of Enterprise
They’re grabbing crew members boy it’s sad
and much to their surprise
Are you crappy? Are you terrrified?
How long can you resist the Queen?
Out of the alcoves the drones they slip
Picard knows what this means….lookout!


Oh take it…
Becomes us yeah
Becomes us yeah
Another one becomes us
Another one becomes us
Another one becomes us hey hey
Another one becomes us
Shoot em!
There are plenty of ways to assimlate men
and one quite effective
You can tempt
You can mock
You can use your probes and leave him
to the collective
But I’m adapting, yes I’m adapting for you
My technology is all the while
Out of the plasma I can hear you say
Resistence is futile…..

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