Another Ship in the Hold

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Tom Paris got himself into some trouble when on the episode Alice of Star Trek Voyager he merged with the shuttle craft and became controlled by it. I had to write some fun lyrics to go with Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall. Enjoy!

Another Ship in the Hold
by Rick Moyer
to the Tune of Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall”

We don’t need no transportation
We don’t need an interface
No optronic weapons on the flyer
Chakoty leave ol’ Tom alone
Hey Chakoty, leave ol’ Tom alone

All in all it’s just another ship in the hold
All in all you’re just another ship in the hold

It just needs some modification
So Alice can simply take control
No need for anyone except Tom Paris
Belana leave the ship alone
Hey Belana, leave the ship alone!

Tom, Do it again!”

If you don’t do your job, you can’t work on the shuttle, how can you work on the shuttle if you don’t do your job?

You! Yes, Tom in the shuttle bay, stand still laddy!

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