Gamma Hydra IV

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Gamma Hydra IV

The Deadly Years is a classic TOS episode where the main cast plus and extra all start to age after being eposed to something or another. The makeup for the time was great, they really made the cast look old. I took the Beatles song “When I’m sixty four” and of course made it a review of the episode. I calle it Gamma Hydra IV. I got to use the word Corbomite.. heheh. I have always wanted to use that. Please enjoy and let me know what you think!

Gamma Hydra IV
to the Tune of When I’m sixty four by the Beatles.

When I get older from something unkown
On Gamma Hydra IV
Will you still be checking on our colony
Routine Visit just to see me?

If we all age to a hundred and three
Would you find the cure?
Will you still test me, hypo inject me
On gamma hydra IV?

oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oooo
You’re infected too, (ah ah ah ah ah)
And if you find the cure,
I won’t die with you.

Forgetting his orders Kirks getting old
Robert Johnson Dies!
Getting arther-itis in his joints and limbs
Something’s giving them prob-o-lims.
The whole away team
except for Checkov
Getting old some more
Will you still test me, hypo inject me
On Gamma Hydra IV?

Lieutenant Galway she really is afraid to go home
scared of waking up
Mcoy will try to save
Thermostat set to 125
The Crew will not Behave

Commodore Stocker meeting with Spock
Says that Kirk’s unfit
You have to hold a hearing to prove otherwise
Urhura, Sulu they Testify

Give me your serum, adreniline rush
Kirk is young like before
The Romulans lose, The Corbomite Ruse
On Gamma Hydra IV.


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