Get into the gate

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Ten or so years ago a series was made for television that took sci fi to a new level. Startgate SG1 emerged as a great weekly dose of geekiness and humor. The chemistry between the characters was simply awesome. This song celebrates both SG1 and Atlantis, the spinoff. My friend Rob Scalise from Orlando Florida did the synth and drums, I played guitar and did all the vocals. We did a Skype call together and I sang what I was hearing, he graciously went to work in his studio and sent me the raw keyboard files and drums. Then I grabbed my guitar, fired up my mic and sang! The first version was recorded wrong and I had to redo the entire song in a higher file format. It was really fun working with Rob. Thanks Rico for reviewing Stargate. You rock man! Isn’t the Internet cool? ” Dial home Daniel!”

Get into the gate
A colobration between Rick Moyer and Rob Scalise
Keys, drums by Rob Vocals & Guitar Rick

Buried in the sand in an ancient land
the ring it sat for time on deep in the sand
Till it got dug up and powered on
And they hired Kurt Russell and Richard Dean Anderson

Ten years with a cast so fine,
the storlines kinda just blew our minds
Slidin through space in the Chapoi
they could go anywhere and didn’t have to fly

On Sg1 that cast was real cool,
With Daniel, Sam, Jack and Tealc too.
General Hammond with his belly so round,
Later with Mitchell and Valla they found

On a mission every week to see the galaxy
Fighting off the Gould and the Ori you see
Stationed in a mountain underneath Cheyenne
Saving the Earth was their goal and plan

The Sg1’s says  Tealc Yeah
We got Ronan, We got Ronan

 The spinoff show got really trick
as we traveled up to the Antartic
To the Acients city of that Atlantis fair
The newer looking Gate was up in the air

Rodney, Sheppard, and Kaela too,
gotta check out the dreadlocks on the Ronan dude.
Fighting of the bugs they call the Wraith
Freakin on the replicators and wosleys’s great.



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