It’s Nomad

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The TOS episode “The Changeling” is really a fun episode. We get to see a cool robot, Uhura’s mind wiped, Scotty killed off and more! I took Linda Rondstadt’s song “Hurt so bad” and changed it up a bit. Now it’s called “It’s Nomad” enjoy.

It’s Nomad
to the tune of Linda Ronstadt’s “Hurt so bad”

by Rick Moyer

Travelin’ through
Lost contact with the others too
Somethings coming at warp two

Well let me tell you that it’s, it’s Nomad
It’s acting really really bad
It’s the probe Nomad coming back again

Like M4 from Flint
Your programming it must have strayed
Roykirk didn’t program you that way

Well let me tell you that it’s, it’s Nomad
It’s acting really really bad
It’s gonna hurt Nomad, if you get your way

Why don’t you stay
let me mind meld with you today
It’s true I’m biological too
You served me before, now serve me again

I can’t let you go back to Earth
Please don’t go Nomad

Please don’t go
Please don’t go ooooo
It’s Nomad

bring Scotty back Nomad
Imperfect Nomad check your record banks for me

Oooooh oh oh oh

You’re imperfect Nomad
You know it’s really bad when Uhura must learn ABC’s

No, it’s Nomad

You see you’re just as bad

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