I’ve got Trek Under my Skin

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My friend Rob from Orlando, Metron7 on the Treks in Sci Fi Forums, did an arrangement of “I’ve got you under my skin” with his cool keyboards. Anyway, he let me use it as a soundtrack for my version called “I’ve got Trek under my skin” I will be posting the Bill Murray remix in a few days, and think you will get a kick out of it! Rico is reviewing the DS9 episode “His Way” and with Vic Fontain being on the show, I just couldn’t resist! Thanks Rob for everything, and I hope everyone enjoys this!

I’ve Got Trek under my skin.
Ive got Trek, under my skin
Ive got Trek deep in the heart of me
So many episodes, that are really part of me

Ive got Trek under my skin.
Ive tried so to speak in Klingon
Ive said that this obsession with Kirk won’t go well
But why should I try to un geekifie when starfleet will I know then well
Ive got Trek under my skin
Id collect everything come what might
For the sake of having Trek near
In spite of my credit card statement that came last night
And re-runs, reruns on my tube
Dont you know you fan, you can never win
Use you eventually, wake up the next century
But the next episode, that’s when I explode
Makes me rewind and start it again
Cause Ive got Treak under my skin


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