My Bajoran

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My Bajoran

The Knack was able to implant the riff to “My Sharona” into our brains after the first listen. I couldn’t resist doing a parody of Ensing Ro Larin of TNG’s Star Trek. It was a great episode, and now it’s a fun geeky song. ENJOY!

My Bajoran
Lyrics and sung By Rick Moyer
Ooh my little wrinkle nose, wrinkle nose
When you gonna go back to jail Bajoran?
Ooh you beam on down, beam on down
‘splain it all to the captain Bajoran..
Never gonna stop, give it up
Such a snarky tude,
Head band with the hair so short
Always in awful mood
My, My, my I yi woo, M M M M My Bajoran
Your first name is the last, is the last
When you gonna give me a smile Bajoran?
Oh you’re just an Ensign hon, an ensign hon
On a Starfleet mission  Oh Ro Larin
Oh they let you out, for a bit, that’s the plan
Admiral got you settin up for  the Cardassian
My my my I  yi woo, M M M M M My Bajoran

Guinan she’s a friend to you, a friend to you
Got you tight with Jean Luc -Bajoran
Orta lets you have ship, have a ship
Fool em with a sub light ruse Bajoran
Admiral’s got a cold, oh so I’m told,
Dancin’ diplomats not here
Way to jump your career
My, My, my I yi woo, M M M M My Bajoran

Rooooo  My Bajoran
Rooooo Oh Ro Larin
Rooooo My Bajoran


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