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Growing up Steve Austin (not the wrestler) was my hero. He was the Bionic Man! Oscar Goldman, Rudy Wells, Callhan, Jaimie Summers, the list goes on with the characters I came to know and love. So I wrote a song for it. Now, after you hear it, you can make the bionic sound for days on end. Nanananananaanana!

by Rick Moyer

We can rebuild him
make him better than before
Faster, Stronger Cooler
Bionic at his core
Steve Austin!

Two legs an arm and his eye
Steve Austin he’s the man
Oscar Goldman and Rudy wells
The OSI they have a plan
Say go Rudy

On a mission each week to save the world
six million dollars spent
Solving mysteries and saving lives
that’s where their money went.

Fem Bots, evil men, boxers and more
even a female trainee
Getting in a parachute accident
that’s where steve got his girl friend Jaimie

Jaimie, bustin up tennis balls, Jaimie, Sommers

Break it down Bionic style

I see you.
Steve Austin

So now bionic bigfoot
running in slow mo
Jumping up on buildings from high to low
Steve he’s the man, and I want to be like him
a human cyborg risking life and limb
a cool astronaut with secret set of powers
he’s a real life hero to save the hour

Gonna save the hour

come on peeps let’s do it.

I see you.

Running at a rate of 60 miles per hour
savin’ all the ladies in their realy high towers
In a leisure suite with the big wide collars
when were’ in trouble what do we hollar?

Steve, ah Steve Austin…

No doubt in my mind Steve and Jaimie are the best
Provin’ every week as they overcome the odds they can pass the test
The folks I came to know and love the best cyborg program yet
Put the bionics all together and what do you get?

Go Jaimie

He’s the Goldman, He’s the Goldman,  Oscar!

What about Callahan?  Woop!

Get me my coffee.

He’s the six million dollar man, the six million dollar man.

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