Recording his podcast for seven

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Congratulations to Rico Dostie and his Treks in Sci Fi Podcast!  THE BIG 7 years.

In honor of that occasion I parodied Stairway to Heaven with–

Recording his Podcast for Seven.



Recording his podcast for Seven

A parody of “Stairway To Heaven” by Led Zeppelin
words by Rick Moyer, sung by Rick Moyer

There’s a guy we all know, loves sci fi shares his show

Been recording his podcast for seven
When he podcasts he knows all the geeks in Starfleet clothes
With a word he wins collectibles on Ebay
Ooo been recording his podcast for seven

There’s some swords on his wall, as you walk down his hall
Cause you know he likes both star franchises
Every week on the net the audio is sent
and the masses all download his podcast

oh and he makes me listen
oh and he makes me listen

He covers news and info, and the stuff we need to know

Our iPods are full of great content
In my thoughts I have seen, the Gorn and ladies that are green
Cardassians, Klingons and Humans

Oooooh he makes me listen
Oooo he really makes me listen

And it’s whispered that soon, that we won’t just reach the moon
and the rover on Mars is just beginning
Guys like Rico and our friends, exploring to the end
Cause we all know that life exists out there

wwooh ooo oooo ooooooo

If there’s a problem with your bandwidth, don’t be alarmed now
400 programs you can access
Yes there are more hosts than just Rico, such a cool guy
He shares the cast with all his friends

And he makes me listen

Your head is humming with your ear buds, in case you don’t know
The leaders’ calling you to join him
Dear person, can you see where we go, and did you know
We all hang out on the forum, ohhhhhohhohhh


And as we fly on through the years

Warp speed and facing all our fears

There surfs a guy that we all know

week after week he does the show

That makes us laugh & cheer and dream

And if you listen very hard

You’ll hear that we are all just one

And we’re Orbiting the sun

That Treks in sci fi is so much fun!


Been recording his podcast for seven.

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