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Kenny and Jen are the moderators of the Treks In Sci Fi RPG Star Trek game. They are pretty darn amazing, and to their credit the game simply rocks! We have so many talented writers that work on the script of the show that I just had to do a tribute for them all. So thanks to the Beattle’s Paperback Writer, I thought I would write and sing all about the RPG writer. Enjoy.

RPG  writer (rpg writer)
Parody of Paper back writer (paperback writer) by the Beatles
lyrics and sung by Rick Moyer

Dear Sir or Madam, will you read my post?
It took me days to write, Now I’ve got to baost
I made my character up and I gave them a name

So  I need an idea, so I want to be a RPG writer
rpg writer.
It’s a grity story bout big space ship
In the starfleet setting yeah it’s a hit
Season eight in the mirror universe
It’s a cool story for a RPG writer
RPG writer.

RPG  writer (RPG writer)

It’s hundreds of pages, give or take a few
On the Interenet  in a week or two.
We can make it longer if we join our posts,
I can change it round and I want to be a rpg  writer,
rpg writer.

If you really like it you can start right in
Email Kenny or Jen, get your starfleet pin

Write each day and make the story soar
But I need to post and I want to be an RPG  writer,
RPG writer.

RPG writer (RPG Writer)

RPG writer (RPG Writer)

RPG writer (RPG Writer)

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