Smoke on the Planet

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August 7th, 20011

Smoke on the Planet
a parody of Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water

It was fun to watch Captain Kirk battle the Smoke/Cloud monster that smelled like honey.  The episode Obsession begged a parody song.. and so here it is…

A parody of Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple
lyrics and sung by Rick Moyer

ON 3619.2
A survey on Argus V
The planet rich in tritanium
A substance harder than diamonds
The captain smells a sweetness
And orders the ensigns around
He says fire on the cloud red shirts
But then he finds them on the ground
Smoke on the Planet, a monster in disguise

Smoke on the Planet

Big white cloud

It sucked out the corpuscles
Left the ensigns dead cept Rizzo
The Captain says it’s familiar
That the dr. Search records of the Farragut
Rizzo dies and Garrovick
His best buddy wants revenge
So they all beam down again to search
And the cloud attacks them again

Smoke on the Planet, monster in disguise

Big white cloud

Now Kirk he’s getting obsessed
With the killing of this blip
The Cloud it goes to warp eight
Then turns back on their ship
McCoy and Spock they question
But in the end they trust ol Kirk
The blow it up with anti matter
It’s the only thing that works
Smoke on the Planet, A monster in the sky

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