Spock’s Brain

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Spock’s Brain

In honor of the 4th Anniversary of Treks In Sci Fi I put together a very fun parody song. I used to really enjoy Ozzy’s music and after wearing out my cassette tape with Crazy Train on it, it came as no surprise that I had to do “Spock’s Brain” I thought that it was a very fun episode- kind of a clunker, so enjoy re-living it. And congratulations to Rico for the 4th anniversary of the podcast!

Spock’s Brain
To the tune of Ozzy’s Crazy Train
Rick Moyer

Beam Aboard!  Hahahahahaha
eyemorg…  morg morg morg morg

Crazy, but that’s just the show
Renewed a third Season
the ratings so low

Lady, in purple clothes
Ion propulsion
To make her ship go

Apparently without feeling
The first officer’s why they came
Some crazy looking lady just stole Spock’s Brain
Some crazy looking lady just stole Spock’s Brain

Let’s go

On Glacial 6 planet
The party beams down

Found Giants with leg warmers
And an underground town

McCoy rigs the Vulcan,
to respond like a borg
The men are all questioned
by the women called Morg

Ladies with big bracelets
Of pleasure and pain
We’re going on a search for Spock’s Brain
We’re going on a search for Spock’s Brain
I know your medalla ambalangoda sings

You gotta get back in your head

Waist bands of pain for

The red button makes dead
McCoy gets the knowledge,
and works on Spock’s head

 Maybe, in three hours of work
The Doctor repairs him
watched by Scotty and Kirk

 The nerves there’s a million
but with Spock’s help he’s not lame
We just went on a trip and we found Spock’s BrainWe just went on a trip and we found Spock’s Brain

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