Switching Minds with Sargon

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Return to Tomorrow was one of the coolest Star Trek episodes ever. I just couldn’t resist writing a parody to go along with Billy Squire’s “Everybody wants you” I put in the lyrics, “Switching minds with Sargon” and it worked. Enjoy!

Switching minds with Sargon
Parody of “Everybody wants you” by Billy Squire
Sung by Rick Moyer

Readings growing up ahead in the night
Ship is further with a planet that is in  sight
Big strong voice we hear with reverb
Ancient beings Hoping that we have the Nerve

Beam us on down, get to know our cool place
Help us all out before we lose our whole race
Let us build some bots, ‘for our minds are all gone
Let us use your bods, switching minds with Sargon

They need the help and Kirk can’t say no
What it will do, nobody can really know
So on to sick bay where the transfer is done
They come to life and the trouble it’s just begun, yeah

Messin’ with her mind ol  nurse Chapel is duped
Henoch sets it up to kill Sargon to boot
Fallin’ for Thalassa and the things they will do
Henoch fools them all- Switching minds with Sargon

Switching minds with ancients
Globes for their containment
Sargon really needs  you, leads you, bleeds you

Oh the confusion of keeping the crew
With all the kissing they, passing up their feelings too
They got the body, but their feeling real poor
Their dream of robots is going right out the door
Sargon’s dead and Thalassa she tries
To keep her woman’s body and on McCoy she relies
Henoch gets injected with the poison and’s gone
Spock comes back to life, Switching minds with Sargon

Everybody’s Sargon, Everybody’s Sargon

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