The Caped Crusader

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II have always thought that Batman was cool. He was the only super hero that I knew of that didn’t have powers. He used his head and his gadgets to catch the criminals. How cool is that? So here is my tribute to him. The Caped Crusader.

The Caped Crusader
by Rick Moyer
In Gotham City lives a foe of crime
Catchin all the criminals right on time
Dressed in black with some pointy ears
Fighting for the justice and calming our fears
Commisioner Gordon and his motely crew
Callin up the red phone askin what to do
Slidin down the big poll Bruce becomes a bat
Checkin’ on his gizmos where’s the action at?
Fire shoots out from the cool black car
knocking down the detours so they don’t know where they are
peelin out in gravel the man he makes his way
Fighting crime by night but a millionare by day
An ordinary guy makin all the right moves
pullin from his utility belt he knows just what to do
Fighting for justice he’s a real crime hater
It’s Batman!, our caped crusader
it’s Batman!, our caped crussader
The likes of Joker & Egghead see
Catwoman, Firefly Poisin Ivy
The riddler, two face, Harley Quinn
The Scarecrow, mr. freeze and the penguin
The dynamic duo that’s what Robin makes
fightin off the bad guys and doin what it takes
Batgirl’s cool with barbara on the bike
All the cool costumes that I really like
Biff!, wham!, zap! the henchman taken out
cleanin up the riff raff that’s what it’s all about
Conflicted on the inside but tough all around
Flyin on his cables doesn’t even make a sound
All the incarnations over years like that
different interpretations of the same old bat
Love him or hate him batman doesn’t lie
He’s the Dark Knight super hero and one cool guy.

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