Think Like a Vulcan

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Think like a Vulcan

Think like a Vulcan
Written and recorded By Rick Moyer
Original song by Rick

So up and down, my life is just a whirl
So many emotions espousing from my girl
Maybe baby you’re  not for me
Your logic’s lacking to the umpteenth degree
I need a girl who can mind meld & swerve
And take out  enemies by pinching on a nerve
I want woman who’s immune from all her fears
How about a lady with sexy pointed ears
Her skin can be a greenish tint that’s right
And I can introduce her as “she who is my wife”

I need a girl who thinks  like a Vulcan
Who understands the depths of my emotion
I need a girl who thinks like a Vulcan
Live long and prosper do the hand salute,
Live long and prosper do the hand salute

We could dream about our spaceship and a star
And every seven years she’d know about pon far
Not getting messed up by emotions and the gossip
She does mathematics and relies upon her logic
Her eyebrows curve up and to the right
She studies Surak and she doesn’t like to fight
And if another tried to take her from me
She invoke the right of Kal ee Fee

We battle it out in a thinning atmosphere
And when it’s over our love it would endear
Go home and pet our Sehlat on the deck
And watch Volcanoes with multiple sunsets
Infinite diversity in infinite combinations
The needs of the many outweigh my contemplations
We’d have our peace and our really nice long life
Make a few first contacts, hey that might be nice

Savvik, Tuvock, Spock, T’pol, Surak


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