We will Spock You

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We will Spock You

Watching the original series of Star Trek is such a treat. One of my favorite characters was the green blooded alien/half human SPOCK! This song goes out to my homie Spock, may he live long and prosper! Enjoy Queen’s We will rock you, now affectionatley named “We will Spock you!

Buddy you’re a Vulcan, makin’ eye brow raisin’ on your face gonna be in Starfleet someday
you got green on your face, pointed ear graced, spoutin’ big statistics all over the place

We will, we will Spock you!

Buddy you’re a tall man thin man flyin in a ship gonna take the Universe one day
You work in space with captain what’s his face, wavin’ tricorders all over the place

We will we will Spock you!

Buddy your smart man, science man, every seven years goin through pon far that day
you got green in your blood, Kirk’s your bud, puttin’ McCoy back into his place

We will we will Spock you!

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