What does Spock Say?

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With a heavy heart I finished the parody song What does Spock Say? Finding out about the passing of Leonard Nimoy was sad.  He seemed like a great guy and I enjoyed the hours of entertainment he brought me.  He will truly missed!!!  SO in the meantime, let’s dance to the parody song…


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parody by Rick Moyer

Riker Jokes
Troi reads minds
Worf he grunts
And Wesley he annoys
Obrien Beams
Geordi’s blind
and Crusher has red hair

Bones Says Jim
Scotty drinks
Picard says Make it so so so
But there’s one guy that’s always logical
What’s the Spock say?

Big Blue Shirt
Pointy Ears
Quoting stats
and no emotions
Those eyebrows
The science Officer
Your skin is green
with cold blood
You would dare to analyze
but if you meet
an alien

How will you communicate?
by mind mind mind mind meld
mind mind mind mind meld
How will you speak to that

Hor Hor Hor Hor ta
Hor Hor Hor Hor ta

What does the Spock Say

The secret of Mr. Spock across the galaxy,
leaving he knows
I know half human
Will the Vulcans be
our logical friends
you’ll always be a mystery
what will you be?
You joined the Federation
And left your Vulcan planet
Joined up with Kirk
The rest they say is history
Vulcan history

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2 Responses to “What does Spock Say?”

  1. Donald Says:

    Having trouble downloading many of the tracks now. Not sure if I am doing something wrong or what.

  2. moyer777 Says:

    should work better now, thanks for writing.

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